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The Piccinini Wine-farm
The farm was founded in the sixties and is now directed by Matteo Piccinini, land surveyor and wine technician. We supervise every phase of the production of the wines personally starting from the vineyards to bottling and the sales of the finished product. The vineyards are situated around the farm-house and are run by following traditional methods, keeping a biological equilibrium according to nature;all the phases that concern the grapevines (pruning, tying and harvesting) are done manually and as regards the tying, we use branches of willow-trees according to ancient traditions.
Even if it is a family-run wine-farm, the wines are produced with modern techonologies as cold-brewing, automised-lung pressing, cold sterile bottling, that favours the quality of the wines and is a hygienic and sanitary guarentee for the product.
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