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I personally follow every seasonal stage of the development of the vineyard: the care of the vines, the pruning, the binding, the planting of new vines, the picking during the grape harvest, activities that are all done by hand. These need many hours of work, of capacity and experience in this field, an activity which has been passed down from factor to son in this estate. Even if this is a family-run farm, my wines are produced with modern technologies of wine-making. This integrate old traditions to the improvement of the quality of the wine. Wine is a biological product, which is obtained with the fermentation of the saccharose (sugar) found in the grapes thanks to natural microorganism. This product is very sensiteve to temperature (too hot or too cold) and to the rays of the sun. Thus the wine cellar where bottles are stores is underground, the temperature is constant in all seasons and is never over or below 16°C. The corks too are natural products, they are made from the bark of special oak trees. Small natural imperfections can sometimes give the wine an unpleasant smell of “cork”; this phenomenon unfortunately cannot be foreseen by the wine producer.
Grape harvest - Pressing - Bottling